04Jul 2018

Most Australian’s have only seriously contemplated bankruptcy when playing a game of Monopoly with their friends! In spite of this, there are around 13,000 individuals that declare bankruptcy every year in Australia. It’s astounding how quickly individuals can go from being in a healthy financial position to confronting a mountain of debt. Usually, circumstances such […]

26Jun 2018

Nobody likes to think about bankruptcy, which is understandable given that bankruptcy will influence your financial situation for years to follow. This may be one of the reasons why a lot of people don’t seek financial support in times of need, because they are under the popular misconception that bankruptcy is the only way to […]

21Jun 2018

Whether we acknowledge it or not, our credit report has a notable influence on our lives. It’s sort of like our health; we don’t appreciate good health until we lose it. Most people don’t even learn that they have a bad credit report until they apply for a personal line of credit and it’s rejected. […]

06Apr 2018

We all have a fairly good understanding that weddings can be an expensive exercise, but do you really know just how much the average wedding costs in Australia? Slightly over $36,000, based on Australia’s Money Smart website. And that was in 2012! Nowadays, it’s likely somewhere around the $50,000 mark. I guess if you have […]

30Mar 2018

There’s no question that hitting your 30’s is a serious landmark for all of us. Although some of us may have bought their first home, started a career, or even a family, this decade of our life has a considerable financial impact for your future years. For most folks, our financial commitments have probably grown […]